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ZUSLY is a U.S. based company dedicated to responding to the demands of the continually developing beauty industry through the field of electro-esthetics.

ZUSLY invests important resources in research, as to maintain trust and reliability in all our eqiupment. This confidence is realized through our team's success and advancements in electro therapeutics and their treatments. Such results are only a product of our rigorous protocols in monitoring and control.

We design electronic equipment for the proper use of professionals in the esthetic field. Our equipment allows the operator to continually develop and exercise their techniques supported by durable & high end technology. Due to our diversity of products and possible treatments we venture into areas such as kinesiology, spa, physiotherapy, dermoestetic, phlebology, cosmetic surgery centers and esthetics on the international and national level.

ZUSLY provides training programs to our clients in all areas, specially in the facial and corporal segments. These programs of training are developed through workshops and also includes exclusive training.

ZUSLY offers it's Distributors:

  • Equipment training with purchase
  • A one year guarantee
  • Technical Support
  • Promotion of the line by means of Shows, expos, mass media communications as well as events promoted within each distributor's country
  • Permanent stock of accessories and parts

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